G & A – “Typical” Two’s

G & A are new two year olds, and boy are they ever! So often people describe the time when our children are two as the, “Terrible Two’s,” but they really aren’t that terrible. G & A were, instead, “Typical Two’s.” Two year olds, I always say, are THE most difficult age to photograph. Not because they are terrible, but because they are very independent, very curious, and their favorite word is, “No.” So trying to get their attention when they’re busy inspecting everything else around them is not easy. “G” wanted to just keep going off and exploring, even though we were in a greenbelt that he’d visited many times. The greenbelt was beautiful, and there were some large shade trees. But do you think “G” or “A” had any interest in just hanging out in the shade and playing with me? That’s OK. These two have the most stunning eyes, and I did have some luck capturing some precious expressions. We spent time both indoors and outdoors, and I loved spending time with them, as well as their wonderful parents. Thanks for inviting me to play!

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  1. Carrie April 4, 2010 at 8:19 am

    Thumbs up! Thanks for pics, we had fun too. See you again soon.

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