The Joy of Shooting My Own Family for Christmas Cards | Des Moines Family Photographer

There have been years when I have actually made the time to have family photos taken by another photographer.  Then there are years when I didn’t make the time, so I ended up doing what everyone else does – using the camera remote and trying to get a photo with everyone looking at the camera and keeping their pose.  This year, I really had no choice because we are new to the area, and I have only met one other photographer, and didn’t really feel like I knew him, or his style, well enough to ask.  I also was hoping to wait until there was some snow on the ground to get some cool photos of us outside, in the snow, in front of our new house.  Well, it snowed pretty late in the season here, and then the temperatures dropped, and my family was unwilling to brave the sub-10 degrees for a photo.  So inside we were.  Here are some of the outtakes of us attempting to get just one good photo.  We started to shoot without the dog, but she insisted on being in the photo.  The challenges I encountered were  getting everyone to: sit up straight; tilt their head toward the family, not away from it; look at the camera; stop talking to the dog; to smile without looking goofy.  Those were in addition to the challenge of lighting since it was dark outside and the ceiling is so high in the living room.

And finally the one we’ll be using.   Considering there was no one behind the camera to get the dog’s attention, I think we lucked out.

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