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About me

I fell in love with photography in high school and went on to get my degree in photojournalism.   Although my initial career path took me into the computer industry after college, I eventually found my way back into portraiture.  I had a short stint in a portrait studio during holiday season in 2004, and knew that I had found my path.   In 2006, I officially launched Christina Kennedy Photography, and never looked back.  I love everything about portrait photography, and I would love to be chosen as your photographer.

Capture Every Moment…

Our generation is in danger of being the most photographed, but the least documented.   Technology fails or becomes obsolete, and millions of photos will be lost because they were never printed.   It’s important to me to not only capture special times in a person’s life but also to keep it safe as some sort of physical print.  I love going through old photos that my grand parents kept.  I hope your grandchildren will be happy to go through your old prints.

“Everyone is beautiful, I see to show it to themselves.”


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