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Welcome to Christina Kennedy Photography

Established in 2006, Christina Kennedy Photography is creating portrait artwork throughout South Orange County. Christina Kennedy Photography specializes in casual, natural light, lifestyle portraiture, but will use whatever style and lighting will best tell the story.

Who is Christina Kennedy Photography?

To me, photography is about capturing emotion.  When I look at images that capture My Story, photos of my family, of friends, good times, and special places, it evokes a very powerful emotion, a reminder of times that have past.  Everyone has a camera these days, and for the most part, those are great for capturing snapshots of our time here.  Frequently, those photos end up on a disc or on a computer and are never seen.  On top of that, the person who has captured most of those images is not in the photos.  Even with the top of the line, digital SLR, the photographs are only as good as the photographer.   Investing in a custom portrait session will not only provide you a memory of those emotions, allow you to be in the photographs, but also enable you to take advantage of my education, experience, and creative eye.   The custom art pieces we create together will carry on your legacy.
I am passionate about families, especially newborns, new moms and mom’s-to-be. I love kids of all ages! I love to capture those moments that exude love and give you the warm fuzzies when you look at them.
Your session is not just an hour with me taking your picture.  It will include time both before and after your session, which will allow us to plan the session and the artwork it will create.  The session itself is about creating the portrait or series of portraits.  Together with your vision, and my experience and photographic style, we’ll create the perfect artwork for your home.
I will help create artwork that will not only feature the people, places and things that you love and complement your decor, but will also make your heart sing.

Meet Christina

Christina Kennedy
Christina KennedyOwner/Photographer
Christina earned her degree in Photojournalism in 1992, and is constantly working to educate herself and perfect the newest techniques and styles in portraiture.  After college, Christina took some time away from photography as a profession, but in 2002, after the birth of her twin girls, decided that professional photography would be in her future, as soon as her babies were old enough.  In 2004, she took on a part time position in a portrait studio, and decided that it was the best job she’d ever had, next to being a mom.  Christina was pregnant with her third child at the time, and decided to wait until after he was born to launch herself as a custom portrait photographer.  In 2006, Christina photographed her first families as Christina Kennedy Photography.  In addition to her custom portraiture, she has been a photographer for the Walt Disney Company, and is currently a photographer and Regional Manager for Bella Baby Photography. In addition to her work as a photographer, she has worked in the Software Support Industry for companies that include Apple Computer and Sage Software. She enjoys spending time with her husband, three kids, and dog. Christina is also a very active volunteer in her church and community. In her free time, Christina enjoys watching movies, family game night, hanging out with friends and camping.

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