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Wednesday Apr 14, 2010

Flying triplets

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I just have to share a favorite photo from one of the sessions I had today.  These three boys were a riot.  They’ve recently received their black belts in Tae Kwon Do, and mom is SO proud of them.   I still have tons of photos to cull through, but this one was a fave as soon as I captured it, so I had to bring it home to share with everyone! I will post more when I get through them.

Monday Apr 12, 2010

The four Cs and bunnies

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Wow am I blessed!  This little set of triplets+ one were absolutely adorable.  Of course they take after their mother, Kathy!  Big Sister Savannah, 3,  is quite into posing and having her picture taken, and I had to try to convince her not to say, “cheese.”    The three little ones, Ashtyn,  Sienna and McKenna, 2,  were not so into it.   After all, what two year old wants to sit still?   This is why I prefer to play with the kids, sing silly songs, dance, and just try to capture images of them having fun.  Most of the time, that will work, sometimes it doesn’t.  Little Miss McKenna just would not have anything to do with it.    Hopefully as I get to know her, she’ll warm up to me and want to play.  (First names used with Mom’s permission.)

Saturday Apr 10, 2010

Little beauties, Miss S and Miss T

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These two little beauties were absolutely charming.  They danced, they played, they blew bubbles, and they were smiling the entire time.  OK, well they weren’t smiling when they were puckering their lips to blow the bubbles, but other than that, they were smiling.  They were so care-free, so innocent, and just beautiful.   I really enjoyed the time I spent with them.  Thank you, little ladies.  I hope we can dance and play again sometime!

Thursday Apr 8, 2010

The A-Team

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This group of siblings was so much fun.  The twins were very excited to have their photos taken.  The older sister… not so much.  I had to work really hard to capture some moments when she forgot about me and started to enjoy herself and have fun.  I almost had to work equally as hard to capture the twins not posing when they saw me bring the camera to my eye!  I’m sure you can see for yourself, they are all strikingly gorgeous.  I love the photo I captured of them making faces, and big sis trying really hard not to smile.   They made ME  smile and laugh.  They were so much fun!

Thursday Apr 1, 2010

Cuties K & T

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I met K & T at the playground for some fun.  I had a hard time telling these two apart at first, but finally, by the end of our time together, I could see the differences.  They loved the slide and the swings, and each other.  They also loved their mommy and daddy, and their older, twin brothers!   Aren’t they absolutely adorable?  I loved their stunning eyes.

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