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1. a likeness of a person, esp. of the face, as a painting, drawing, or photograph: a gallery of family portraits.

Friday Feb 26, 2010

The Four-Bs

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These boys were SO much fun!  There were 4 of them, a set of triplets, and a big brother.  We went to Pinecrest Park and just played.  They were all over the park, and kept calling me to come take their picture, “Christina!  Christina!” and I’d run to one side, then, “Christina! Christina!” the others would call and I’d run to the other side.  Hopefully I’ll be able to play with them again soon.

Friday Feb 26, 2010

“R” and “K” in “The Woods”

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When I was asked if I’d ever photographed in “The Woods,” in Lake Forest, I laughed.  I spent both high school and college living in “The Woods,” and completed my education shooting using “The Woods” as my backdrop.  I was happy to meet up with these charming boy girl twins to play and explore.  “The Woods” are great if you’re looking for soft, diffuse light with neutral colors.  If you’re hoping for wildflowers and bursts of color, you’ll need to go elsewhere.  We had a nice time exploring the woods, collecting rocks, and throwing them off of the footbridge into the stream that meanders through!

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