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Thank you for honoring me with the opportunity to capture a moment in your life.  Here are some tips to help you prepare for your session.

1.  For pregnancy portraits, you will want to wear a favorite outfit, one that you’re comfortable in, and want to be photographed in.   I will also have some fabrics to wrap and drape you in.  For these, please wear either a strapless bra, or one we can tuck the straps down, and skimpy underwear.   Try not to wear anything tight so that it will not create lines or indentations on your skin.

Be sure to wear make-up – bare minimum would be foundation, eyebrow pencil, mascara, blush and lipstick.  You’re welcome to wear more than that as well.

Solid colors are always best, but if your favorite outfit has a print, wear it anyway, however bring an additional outfit that does not have a pattern.

2. Newborns should be dressed in loose, easy to remove clothes.  Bright or pastel solid colors are nice, no white or black.    Loosen the diaper about an hour beforehand.  This will ensure no clothing or diaper marks on his skin.     Favorite baby items such as blankets, hats, and other items with lots of texture should be available for the session.  Also, if there are any items that are family favorites, they should be available.  For example, if Dad is a baseball fan, you might want to have his mitt available to be used as a prop.  Think of something that defines you, your spouse or your family.  Try to keep the baby (or babies) awake prior to the session, and prepare to feed them at the beginning of the session.  We want them to sleep as much as possible during the session.  Lastly, try to have the temperature in the house at least 75-80 degrees F at least 30 mins prior to the session.

3.  Babies and Kids look best in bright, solid colors.  Please avoid big logos, big prints, and licensed animated characters.  Avoid white or black.  Clothing with heavy textures photograph well.  Clothes should fit well, not be too big or too small.

4.  Families should coordinate colors, without trying to match.  This is the one time when white or black is acceptable, but it is appropriate to deviate and go with other, non-traditional colors.   Solids are best.   If there will be multiple families, each family unit should coordinate, and it looks great in a big group even if both families do not coordinate with each other.  See here for examples of what to wear.

Do’s and Don’ts

  1. DO be sure to be well rested and fed, and make sure your kids are well rested and fed.  We do not want the kids to be hungry during the session, and we do not want food given during the session.  No messy faces, or candy/gum in the mouth please.  I do not provide candy as treats, I provide stickers to be given out at the end of the session.  This does not apply to newborns.  (see newborn section above).
  2. DO prepare for your newborn to sleep through the session.  I will allow at least 2 hours for newborn shoots, although they do not usually take that long.
  3. DO be prepared for your newborn to poop, pee and spit-up during our session.  Be prepared with baby wipes, extra diapers, and burp cloths.
  4. DO limit the people present only to those being photographed.
  5. DO be prepared to be part of your newborn’s portrait session.  I will use Mom or Dad as a backdrop, so they should wear long sleeved black, knit tops.  Moms can also have ready some lighter, more feminine tops, and Dad can have a plain white t-shirt ready.  Please be sure all clothing is wrinkle free.  Also, be sure your hands and feet will photograph well.  Trim and shape toenails and fingernails, and apply moisturizer.
  6. DO NOT allow kids to apply tattoos on for a week before the session.  They sometimes come off with mineral oil, sometimes they do not.  It’s best to avoid them until after your session.
  7. DO NOT worry about disciplining your kids during the session.  I want them to have fun without worrying about getting in trouble.  No discipline, but I will make sure they’re safe!
  8. DO NOT worry about a little runny nose.  Those can easily be retouched.  However, if your child has a fever, major runny nose or generally doesn’t feel well, I am more than happy to reschedule.
  9. DO NOT take photos, or allow others to take photos, during our session.  Your kids are trained to look at you when you have a camera, and this makes it difficult to get your kids to look at me.  So if you’d like to take photos of your children all dressed up, please take photos either before or after our session, but not during.
  10. DO NOT worry about getting your kids to look at me, or to say, “Cheese.”  That’s my job and I have lots of silly things I do to get their attention.

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