Tuesday Jan 28, 2014

That was fun, Mom! | Orange County Kids Photographer

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photo-bomb siblingsI’ve been photographing kids for Valentine’s Day for the past several years, but this year’s mini took on a new twist.  My kids had fun!   I usually do have fun with the kids I photograph, but MY kids get the camera in their faces all of the time.  It is not as much fun for them, as it is almost a job.   This year, even though I had assigned photo times, we ended up throwing them out the window and letting the kids interact with each other.   They all know each other, and are friends.  Not only did we end up with some great individual shots for Classroom Cards, but we had some great BFF shots and sibling shots.  I turned on the music and let the kids be the DJ.  They had a blast!  My favorite time was when I was starting to photograph one of my daughters.  She was still not quite into getting her photo taken.  The other sister, who was totally into it, jumped in with some epic photobomb maneuvers.  I’ve attached some of the fun captures from that moment.  The best payment I had for this day was at the end of the day, after everyone had gone, and my daughter said, “That was fun, Mom!”

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